“Walking Together” is a charity walking campaign in support of Wheels For Hope.

We have committed to walk every Thursday, at least 2 hours through different parks in Singapore. We will be visiting 13 places in total. The two hours commitment has a special meaning to us: it is about the same time that takes the children in Cambodia to walk to school every day.

We ask for a donation of S$80 to participate on all 13 walks or S$10 for each walk you join. Each S$80 covers the cost of one bicycle and makes all the difference for these children.

At the end of each walk we will get a piece of a puzzle and at the end of the challenge, we will have a full view of what we achieve with our effort: a big amount of donated bikes!

Also, once a month our group organizes an interesting photo-walking tour. Each time we have a new theme and location. We ask for a donation of S$20 if you are a SSWA member, or S$40 if you are a guest. ALL the collected funds will go towards more bicycles for the children in Cambodia.


Everybody is welcome to join us. Every Thursday we walk a different Park in Singapore, from 9 to 11 am. You could also join our photo-walking tours. And with your support we can donate more bikes.

1) Please come and walk with our group, or follow the walks on your own and donate a bicycle to our challenge. We can share the routes and some interesting facts of each place. We can repeat the same program at nighttime if there is enough people interested.

2) Become our partner: Donate certain amount of money per km/person that walk in our group. This would encourage more people to participate. We usually have 5 to 10 participants and new people are welcome to join anytime.

3) Follow Wheels for Hope Facebook page and leave us your message. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Pieces of the puzzle, pictures of the walks and routes will be posted soon.

For more information, please feel free to contact the organiser at beju.home@gmail.com.


Started in 2012 by a group of passionate cyclists, Wheels for HOPE is an initiative that brings bicycles to disadvantaged and impoverished rural communities in Cambodia. Working in close collaboration with HOPE Worldwide Cambodia & other charity groups, WFH has carried out 8 campaigns, providing over 2800 bicycles to rural communities in Cambodia and the Phillippines. Combining philanthropy with a cycling adventure, the group incorporates each expedition with some fun rides for themselves through the scenic locales of Cambodia. Wheels for HOPE plans to extend this initiative to more countries around the region.

How It Works

Every $80 sponsored via Wheels for HOPE goes directly to our local charity partners like HOPE Worldwide Cambodia. The pre-owned Japanese bikes will be purchased at a bulk discount from local suppliers & transport is arranged. Meanwhile, they work with the provincial schools & villages leaders to identify the recipients from the neediest families and school children. Some bikes go to HIV patients & TB patients who need bicycles for transport to get regular medical care.

* Prior to the trip in Dec 2019, the Wheels for HOPE Team will email you to confirm the names to be assigned to the bikes that you have sponsored.

NEXT CAMPAIGN : Wheels for HOPE Dec 2019

Our volunteers will be making our 9th trip to Cambodia in Dec 2019 and fellow supporters are welcomed to join us for the trip (at own expense). The exact date and itinerary will be confirmed soon. If you are interested to sign up, please contact our travel desk (contact below).


We will be contributing bicycles to various communities in Phnom Penh and the wider region. Our main beneficiaries are school children in smaller villages. Many of them walk long distances to school.

Here are some locations we have visited previously.

1. Phnom Penh City :

  • Hospital patients that require regular outpatient treatment like TB and HIV
  • Families in need of basic transportation.

2. Oudong (2 hours from PP) :

  • Students in 3 primary and secondary schools.

3. Kampong Cham (3 hours from PP)

  • Students from primary school

4. Battambang (7 hours from PP)

  • Students from primary and secondary schools

5. Kampot (5 hours from PP)

  • Families in need and people living with HIV and TB

* Locations may be subjected to change but we will be update everyone with the confirmed destinations as we get closer to December.


For this year, we hope to bring over around 40 bicycles to Cambodia.


Website : WheelsForHope.sg

Membership and Cash Donation : rogerlwh@singnet.com.sg

Travel Desk : +65 9643-3368

General Hotline : +65 6391-1953


Newspaper : The New Paper (17 Nov 2013)

Television : Channel U (29 Mar 2017)


How does it work?
Working in close collaboration with Hope Worldwide Cambodia, Wheels for Hope raises funds to purchase bicycles in Cambodia which are distributed to impoverished and disadvantage recipients. Through the Sihanouk Hospital Centre of Hope’s team of dedicated social workers, the families most in need of a bicycle are identified, and the bicycles are distributed once a year.

Each bicycle will be tagged with the name decided by the sponsor. Prior to the trip, the Wheels for HOPE Team will email you to confirm the names to be assigned to each bike that you have sponsored

Who benefits from the contributions and why bicycles?
Bicycles make a big practical difference to the lives of ordinary Cambodians. Cambodia’s poor people number almost 4.8 million and more than 90 per cent of them are in rural areas. Rural villagers have the least access to education, health and other public services because of poor infrastructures and lack of resources in areas where it matters most.

A bicycle will help a student cover the 5 to 7 kilometres journey to get to school. It enables the student to go to school and motivates them to complete their education, an important enabler out of the poverty trap. The benefits extend to the recipient’s family as well, who use it to sell produce and obtain other supplies. It also benefits poor people saddled with chronic illnesses such as HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis. Many do not seek care and treatment in city hospitals because they cannot afford the cost of travel and accommodation for the many months of treatment required. The bicycles help the recipients get to medical appointments and the transport costs saved will offset their living expenses.

Can I personally give the bicycles to the recipients in Cambodia?
The team makes an annual trip to Cambodia and distributes the bicycles to various villages and impoverished communities. All expenses are borne by individuals. If you are keen to join in the trip, please email us and we will be in touch.
How many trips do we make a year and when?
The team makes the trip during the dry season occurring in the months of September to April. Past trips occurred in the December to February period, the peak of the dry season when road conditions are ideal for long distance drives.
How do we ensure that the bicycles are not sold off or misused by the recipients?
We do not merely distribute the bicycles and disappear! Social workers and volunteers from the home care team of the Sihanouk Hospital Centre of Hope continue to follow up and stay in touch with the families, helping to meet other needs over the longer term.









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All donors will be given a full statement of accounts at the end of the campaign to ensure transparency of fund.



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